Rooted Student Ministries

About Us

When we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and as the Lord of our lives, the root process begins. We start to grow our roots into Christ, our firm foundation. That is the starting point and where our roots have the opportunity to grow deep. Rooted Student Ministries desires to be there for every teenager regardless of where they may be in life. We invite all teenagers from grades 7-12th to join in on our classes, activities, and events.

RSM Meets At The Following Times

Upcoming events


Wear your best game day apparel !

Best dressed teen will receive a $50 gift card.


-Cookout food, s'mores, flag football-

 Person with the most visitors will receive a $100 gift card.



When: Meeting at the church @ 4:00 pm.

Return details: Back at the church by 1 PM.

7399 N. High Street | Columbus, OH 43235