Addiction is a tool used by Satan to ruin the lives of millions of people. We believe that only the truth of God’s Word can set someone free, and we are able to see that happen every week through our Reformers Unanimous program. RU is the fastest growing faith-based addictions program in America. It is a Christ-centered program that directs you back to God’s support group, the local church. There, we work to uncover spiritual needs that have led to addictive behavior and provide support and encouragement to anyone wanting to break free from the chains of addiction.
If you or someone you love is in need of support and encouragement during a difficult time, please consider joining us on Fridays @ 7:00PM at the church. Our program is designed to make everyone feel comfortable and will not embarrass you or put you on the spot. You will simply find a group of loving, like minded individuals, all looking to find God’s plan for their life. Use the form on this page to register for this week’s meeting.
For more information, call Perry Hastings @ 614.888.5121.
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