Life Group Classes

Our Life Group classes meet Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM and Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM. These classes are smaller group settings where you can meet people, enjoy a cup of coffee, and study the Bible with other Christians in your stage of life. The best way to get to know people at High Street is to visit one of these Life Group classes.

Class List


Teacher: Tom Biernacki
Room: Fellowship Hall
Demographic: Middle-Aged Adults/Seniors 

The Journey

Teachers: Chad Mainous/Trevor Finnell/Jordan Adams
Room: Annex 2
Demographic:  Young Married Couples

The Pointe

Teachers: Mike Childers/Cecil Hamilton
Room: Annex 1
Demographic: Married Couples

Victory Class

Teachers: Perry Hastings/Matt McGraw
Room: Annex 3
Demographic: Middle-Aged Adults

The Summit

Teachers: Cyle Mainous/Bud Olsen
Room: Lower Gym 1
Demographic: College Age 


Deaf Life Group

Teachers: Ryan Schipper

7399 N. High Street | Columbus, OH 43235